25.05.2019 | 20:00 | Barnes Crossing | Köln


02.03.2018 | 22:00 h | Hebelhalle | Heidelberg

Breaking the WoW

Choreography and Dance / Elisabeth Kaul & Tess Lucassen

‘Yes we can’ is the dogma of our time. Our generation talks excited about possibilities, blessings and superlatives. We must be happy, read amazing books, watch briljant films, go to brain braking performances, watch interesting exhibitions, go on flawless holidays and succeed in our many projects. Success is the key word to our existence, confirmed by facebook.
If no one can say no will we become trapped in cycles of over-productivity, manic communication and hyperexpectation? When everything must be exceptional, the good feels naked..
For this story we take the image of a flamingo, beautifull and superficial. Peacefull beutifull creatures that are full of elegance: almoast boring. But this facade runs only skin deep. Soon the flamingo will show his flaws and fall into a cycle of insecurities and competition. The threat is not out there, it’s internalized.

picture by Marcus Thomas
picture by Marcus Thomas


breaking the wow