Choreography : Henrietta Horn
Dancers: Darko Radosavljev, Dasoul Chung, Sarah Waelchli, Raymond Liew, Mandy Huo, Ying-Chi Chen, Ji-Hye Chung,Linda Brodhag, Roshanak Marrowatian, Lenah Flaigh, Antonio Delgado, Uwe Brauns, Gao Shan, Tess Lucassen, Roberta Petti, Pamela Fernandez, Martin Kratochvil



Turbulent dancing and crazy idea’s

Henrietta Horn’s and Johannes Wieland’s premieres at the Neue Aula of the Folkwang Universität were received with great appreciation

Henrietta Horn was here and once more the connoisseurs deplore that the excellent choreographer gave up her position as Artistic Director of the Folkwang Tanzstudio in September 2008 to work as a freelancer in Germany and abroad.

On the upside, she occasionally works with the dance students at the Folkwang University of the Arts and has now rehearsed her new piece “Kribbeln” (tingling sensation) with them, whose opening night was a brilliant success. Small wonder, in view of its wealth of ideas, vitality, and deeply musical art of movement.

While she performed the work with 16 third-year students, the tingling sensation after which the piece is so aptly named soon spread to the audience: an infectious joy of dancing pervades the work, whether the company is romping around or the solo dancers are spinning across the stage.

On the musical level, Henrietta Horn is closer to disco sounds than to classical music, having let the dancers choose some of the pieces. These included noise compositions that were allowed to rise to a forbidding volume and managed to instigate the dancers to the most frenzied moves in the flickering disco light.

Speed and precise rhythmic performance were the order of the day, though always infused with a dash of charm.

NRZ, 28 June 2011

Dagmar Schenk-Güllich